George A Wright

Notes on my Crassula Radicans

19th August 2020

Crassula radicans is related to crassula ovata, the "jade tree". But it is smaller and tends to grow more horizontally, thus is know as "carpet jade".

I took this small crassula radicans seedling which my friend Moonlie gave to me for my birthday and tried to do some early work to turn it into a miniature jade tree. I think its diminutive leaves make it ideal for a small bonsai.

I didn't do too much to the tree as I was frightened of killing it and it is very late in the growing season. I removed the nursery compost, which I think was mostly peat and also removed some of the lower branches so that it has a more exposed trunk and looks a bit more tree-like.

I potted the tree in a small clay pot in a 50/50 mixture of perlite and moler clay. This should be ideal for a succulent since it is very free-draining, but is also purely inorganic so the tree will need to be fertilized regularly.

The pot is quite large for the tree at the moment, but I hope it will grow into the pot next year.

More pictures on my instagram