George A Wright

Notes on my Peruvian Torches (Trichocereus Peruvianus)

4th October 2020

Two weeks ago I moved house and unfortunately one of the Peruvian Torches fell off its rootstock during transportation. I have since regrafted it. It is looking rather diminished, but the other seems to have started growing and is looking very healthy.

30th August 2020

I noticed I had been over-watering two of my Peruvian Torch seedlings and that they had started to go soft at the base. I cut them off to rescue the tops and ordered some pereskiopsis spathulata to try out grafting.

After about a week, some of the pereskiopsis had rooted and I followed this video on grafting.

I will now have to wait and for a week or so to see whether or not the grafts take.